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On Twelve Bar Brews, tens of millions of people search for design inspiration and criticism. No matter what sort of creative professional you are, we can help you publish short screenshots (shots) to show off your current work, increase your portfolio, and enjoy what you do. Twelve Bar Brews is the go-to place to find and connect with designers and creative talent all over the world. We think that creative collaboration can take place everywhere, and we want our staff to work in an environment that makes them feel at ease and inspired.


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Our organization is unlike any other. We are the only large design firm whose proprietors are both the producers of the work and the principal point of contact for every client.


Because your website is the first impression of your healthcare facility, it's critical to nail its aesthetics and project a confident and competent image.


Our belief that great design requires passion, knowledge, and most importantly personal devotion is evidenced by a portfolio that spans five decades, several sectors of all sizes.

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